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Geocaching Event at Cove Lake State Park

There is an opportunity for scouts to get both service hours and to potentially earn a merit badge coming up on August 22nd.

There are two events.  One is called a CITO or Cache in Trash Out it is essentially a way that geocachers have created to clean up areas.  In this case we will be cleaning up around the park it is essentially an exercise in leave no trace.  This is in the morning while it is still cool out so it should be an easy opportunity for service hours.

The actual event is directly after the CITO. Food will be provided, but transportation will not.  The CITO starts at 8:00am, and ends at 9:45am.  The event begins at 10:00 and ends at 2:00pm.  This is not an official trip but a good opportunity.  It is designed to teach scouts about geocaching so it should be a perfect event for them to attend.  Below are links to more information about the two events.  If you need any more information please David Young at

The event is free, but please call the park office at 423-566-9701 to sign up.

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