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Troop 224 Calendar and Activity List for 2013-2014

Here is the newest calendar, and a one-page summary of our major activities for the whole year (this is especially handy for a quick reference for parents).

See attachments at end of post..

Importing Calendar

The following URL can be used to add a link to the calendar to Google, Microsoft Live, Outlook, iPhone, iPad calendars and more.  This is useful for those that maintain a calendar on the web, a PC or smart phone.

Microsoft Live
For Microsoft Live (  go to the Import menu bar and then select Subscribe on the left side.  Copy and paste the above link for Calendar URL and then provide a calendar name.

Google Calendar
For google calendars, click on the button to the right of “Other Calendars” and select Add by URL.   Copy and paste the calendar link from above into the pop-up entry box.


Microsoft Outlook
The calendar can be added to Outlook as a subscription as indicated here


iPhone & iPad

  1. Go into Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Scroll down and tap Add Account…
  4. Tap Other
  5. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
  6. In the server field, input (copy & paste):


Manual Import
Another option is to import an ICS calendar file into your calendar program.  This will pull in the existing calendar entries but will not automatically be updated as the online calendar is updated.   Contact me to obtain a copy of this file.


For any additional help, contact Morgan Paul at

2013-2014 Planning Calendar_Aug 19

Outing and Activity List 2013_2014

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