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Boy Scouts Troop 224 is now registered with the Kroger Community Rewards Program

kroger logoFor those who shop at Kroger, you probably know the Kroger makes contributions to local non profit organizations throughout their service areas via the Kroger Community Rewards (KCR). Boy Scout Troop 224 has now completed registering with the KCR Program.

Scouting families, friends and relatives can select the Troop as the local organization that will benefit from their shopping at Kroger. The KCR award amount is based on the number of families who link their Kroger Plus card to the BSA Troop 224 account and the amount of shopping while using the Kroger Plus card. Past experience with another non profit organization with a modest number of families linking their cards was quite positive. Funds received from Kroger will go toward Troop operations and scouting activities for our boys.

The instructions here describe how to link your Kroger Plus card number to the Troop.

Questions? Contact Cam Hubbard, Troop Treasurer.

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